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If you are interested in a further education as a medical specialist or if you intend to work as a medical specialist / doctor in one of our hospitals we will be happy to assist you.

Our long-term intention is that you feel at ease with us and that you work successfully in one of our hospitals. Therefore an extensive preparation concerning your future function as German doctor is very important. With our experiences of the past regarding assistant doctors we set up structured concepts that will offer you a successful start in Germany and a good base for your personal and professional future.

We know the difficulties you have to overcome to live and work successfully in Germany:

German language
Official authorization
Medical expertise
Cultural differences
Psychosocial circumstances/ homesickness

What does our concept offer you?
Our concept is organised modularly. Depending on your language and professional skills it can be shortened. Doctors coming from EU states as well as doctors coming from non-EU states can use it. Non-EU Doctors have to consider further legal requirements in Germany as residence and employment permit and the license to practice medicine.

1. Requirements
You already have a medical license of an European or non-European country. Furthermore you need at least German language skills according to the B2-level. Two years of work experience as a doctor are obligatory as well.

2. Application
Please send us your informative application documents. With the help of these documents we can see your job history and your personal background (CV, certificates, official documents). In case one of our chief physicians is interested in you and your skills step 3 will follow.

3. Interview and internship
During a face-to-face interview with an interested chief physician of one of our hospitals we will get to know each other. Moreover a several days lasting internship allows both parties to evaluate weather this is the perfect match. Doctors from non-EU countries need a Schengen-visa. You will get detailed information concerning this visa on the homepage of the German embassy in your home country. It is possible that our hospital pays a part of your interview costs. In case your interview was successful and you also could get a positive impression of us we will go on with step 4.

4. Theoretical preparation
We provide a language course based on the B2-certificate and a theoretical training in preparation for your work as a doctor in a German hospital. The three months full time training takes place in cooperation with a specialised language agency and internal experts in one of our hospitals. You will receive advice for the everyday life in Germany and learn about intercultural topics as well as hospital-specific topics like anamnesis, medication, doctor-patient dialogue, coding and reanimation. For you, costs do not result from this theoretical training. We allocate an allowance, free accommodation and subsistence as well as a subvention for your health insurance. To facilitate the future integration you will always have contacts to the doctors of our hospitals during these first three months. At the beginning of the theoretical training and at least once a month we will introduce you to the respective chief and senior physicians to improve the face-to-face contact. Furthermore you can take part in further training events of the respective hospital.

5. In-house language course on the job
After three months of theoretical preparation follows a three months practical language and integration course in our hospital. This phase will introduce you to the subsequent work as a doctor in one of our hospitals. Through the contact with future colleagues and participating in the everyday life you will have the opportunity to get to know the clinical peculiarities, without the pressure of immediate patient responsibility. Thus, medical and cultural differences can be adjusted step by step. Furthermore you will be accompanied in your future work environment by your language mentor once a week (training on-the-job). Anymore, you do not have to pay for this training. We also allocate an allowance, free accommodation and subsistence as well as a subvention for your health insurance.

6. Employment contract
Your employment as a doctor in one of our hospitals starts depending on a current job vacancy as soon as you successfully finished your theoretical and practical training (The chief physician of the hospital will decide and confirm it in a face-to-face meeting) and you received your official authorizations. The necessary official permits (district government, embassy, employment agency, aliens department) are to be requested in time for a consistent start into the working condition. Now you will be hired with all rights and obligations.

Exceptions/ Flexibility
In some reasonable cases, the theoretical and practical language training is not needed or can be shortened when the internship and the interview show that the applicant has adequate knowledge, skills and experience as he has worked for several years in Germany or a German-speaking country before. A shortening during a current course is also possible in a mutual agreement.

If you have any questions please contact: Mrs. Maike Tölle (Tel.: 0049-5272/ 607-1162).

Do you have interest?
Please send your application documents to:

Kath. Hospitalvereinigung Weser-Egge-gGmbH
– Personalabteilung – Danziger Straße 17, 33034 Brakel, Germany

or via e-mail to:



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